Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Night

Valentine's Day seemed more like Christmas this year.  Bob received a crow shirt and a bottle of Zirbenz
Lots of cards, two of which came from my mom, and one had a big 'ole check in it much to my surprise!  Could not resist the cups with owls, mushrooms and glitter, three of my favorite things!  Meant for a kid's Valentine's party, but I just had to have them.
I received a bottle of my favorite Italian wine, Aramone, and Bob cooked dinner, Asian Beef Salad with Srirachia Honey Dressing.  We used baby spinach instead of bibb lettuce, and we ate the whole big bowl full! For dessert I made pumpkin flan with whipped cream and Kahlua, yum!
We ate in front of the fire and downloaded Vanishing of the Bees a documentary that I have been wanting to see, a recommendation from one of the girls at the CSA.  It was a quiet, relaxing V Day, just what we both needed.

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