Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Hummingbird Has Been Banded!

Prissy the Rufous Hummingbird

Julia Elliott, the "bird nerd" from GA Hummers, a licensed bander came at 8 am this morning to catch and band "Prissy" our Rufous hummingbird.
The cage was set on the platform to the left with the feeder inside, and in just minutes Prissy flew in and the door closed behind her.  Julia is taking her out of the cage in this photo
She put little Prissy in a netted bag and took her to her SUV to be measured and weighed
She was taken from the netted bag and put in a stocking "nest" to keep her still and warm.  Here her length is being measured
Here she is measuring her beak.  It was noticed her top beak had been broken but had healed
Look how sweet and well-behaved she is!
Looking at the markings on her chest.  Bob and I thought she was a he and we had named him "Prancer" for showing up in December
Julia gave Prissy a drink before letting her go
Just one last close-up photo before releasing
The name Prissy is very fitting because in one second she will be "Gone With the Wind"!

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