Monday, June 13, 2011

Work Day at Moss Hill Farm CSA

Floyd was kind enough to teach a class on Saturday in techniques of farming.  In
return he got a lot of free work, tilling, fertilizing and weeding.

We learned how to prune tomatoes, which after all these years I didn't know you
were supposed to do.  I still don't quite have that process down yet, but will keep
working at it.
Floyd grows all organic heirlooms.
A wonderful tool made in Maine that I must get someday.
One of the "workers" taking time to gaze at the beautiful sunflowers along the lake.

A crop of Vidallia onions drying on the trampoline.

Another tool that's a must-have to mark your rows for planting.
Bob picking lettuce and radishes.
Finally got to wear my Kavu hat.  Came in handy with the 100 degrees at 11 am.
Got sent home with lots of free lettuce and veggies, which will be dinner tonight!

Found at a garage sale for $10 on the way home from the farm.  What a find,
what a good day!

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