Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hooters & Her Babies Leave the Nest

Hooters and her two babies left the nest tonight.  They picked a cold night to leave as it will be in the 40s by morning, unheard of for May in the Deep South. Yes, that is Hooters in the box up above, the babies are not showing themselves.  The week ended better than it started.
Monday I awoke to doggy droppings throughout the house.  Someone got sick in the middle of the night and did not want to wake me.  I know who it was, she was trying to be polite, but YUK.  Then the next day I went down to the stables to get me some good 'ole manure trying to save money instead of buying compost.  Dick forgot to tell me that in front of the pile the muck was at least four foot deep and like quicksand.  Once in, I almost couldn't get out.  I had to leave behind one of my Merrell shoes.  Of course, I wasn't wearing my cheap duck shoes this time.  Dick is going to try and find the other once things dry out and he can get his gator in there. And to top off the week, I had been sticking my hand through a really "different" kind of spider web in the mailbox, and when I looked in, there she was, that bright red hourglass, a black widow spider.  I gave her a day to leave, and since she didn't, she was "foamed".  I thought I'd spare everyone a photograph of her carcass. 
But last weekend was the Botanical tour and the weather was perfect and it was a nice tour.  A few of my favorite photos follow.

Every year there are lots of hats.  I should have worn my Kavu Thai hat, but that's really not the appropriate hat for this tour.  These are somewhat akin to the hats at the Royal Wedding. 
Then there are hats that serve as birdhouses.

Bob and I did the first part of the tour on Saturday, and Linda and I did the last house on the tour on Sunday and ate at the new restaurant in Decatur, FARM BURGER.  Had a delicious quinoa burger and will definitely head back there for another some day.  Since Linda's daughter is back living in the UK and her granddaughter said it was Mother's Day, not Grandmother's Day, I thought it would make for a nice day for her to see some English cottage gardens and think of England!

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