Friday, April 8, 2011

A Morning at the Quarry

Okay, go ahead and laugh, Linda!  After talking to you, they made me put on a hard hat and neon vest so that I wouldn't get run over by semis.  They're getting very picky, not like the quarry used to be. Some soccer mom probably was up here, like me, with her buckets and got run over and buried, never to be found, so now we have all these rules! (Yeah, right.)
 It is an interesting place, and I get lots of gravel for my garden paths at a very good price, plus a good workout.  I can have two coffees and two crumpets knowing that I will burn a lot of calories!

I've seen coyotes here, but I hope they don't drink that water! Pretty color, but what could be in it?
Looks nuclear to me.
 There's the mound I have my eye on! 
 Same mound after I loaded bins of gravel into my car.  One-half ton (1,000 pounds) to be exact, all for $15.97!!  It would have cost hundreds at Home Depot.  Now if the front tires will just touch the ground, I should make it home safely.
One of the finished paths in the garden.  Need to make another trip between trips to NC next week.
Maybe you want to do a little manual labor, Linda?  I'll give you a call!!

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  1. You are sooooo talented!! Your garden is beautiful! I hope to design something half as lovely someday! :)